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CanTech Telecom Inc. specializes in the following services:

Turnkey Cell Site Build Out Base Station Installation
Microwave Installation and Commissioning Router Installation
Power Cabinet Installation RF Repeater Installation

CanTech Telecom Inc. Installations

PCS Cell Site Installations: CanTech is proud to deliver turnkey installation and engineering solutions to its customers. Focusing mostly on rooftop installations, we will survey the site to ensure best practices in AC routing through the building, provide cost effective solutions for cabinet installations, provide all the necessary installation resources, heavy equipment and material as necessary including all steelwork, antenna placement and cabling using appropriate RF cables and fibre as needed.

Base Station Installations: Base stations are the heart and soul of a cell site and are connected to the antennas on rooftops or towers via RF cables. Having extensive experience installing and turning up various CDMA and UMTS base stations including Nortel's Metrocells, Alcatel/Lucent and Huawei products, our teams provide power, alarm, backhaul, fibre and RF connectivity exceeding telecom standards. Most sites are not cookie cutter in design and require experienced field personnel to resolve issues including initial provisioning to get the site up and running.

Microwave Radio Installations: Point to Point Radios interconnect many cell sites, especially in rural areas. These units vary based on capacity required and are typically OC3 fibre based units or radios that have 16 T1s + Ethernet. Equipment installed by CanTech throughout the province include Ceragon's IP10, Ericsson's Mini Link and Harris' Truepoint and Constellation radios. Extensive commissioning and troubleshooting are fundamental components of the services offered so the customer's site technician is able to move traffic over to the radios with full confidence in the wiring and link performance.

PCS Repeater: RF Repeaters are installed in locations such as malls and coverage challenged areas. Exterior donor antenna signals are amplified through the repeater and connected to distribution antennas in the desired areas. CanTech is the contractor of choice for companies like Telus and the most common supplier is Powerwave.

Remote Terminal Unit Installations (RTU): RTU's gather alarms from network elements and send them to the Network Operations Centre (NOC). These units are used to analyse problems with equipment and monitor alarms including contact closures. RTU's have evolved so that they include IP based connectivity in addition to serial alarm gathering and contact closures enabling the resetting of remote equipment. CanTech has been the major installer for both Telus and Rogers for these projects and the suppliers include products from Optima Telecom and Westronics.

WiFi: CanTech's experience includes site survey, installation and commissioning of WiFi networks in Rona stores across BC and Alberta for Telus. These major installations were for stores from 20,000sqft to 400,000sqft for indoor and outdoor access to VoFi (voice over WiFi) and POS (Point of Sale) devices.

DSLAM Installations: IPTV for Telus' Broadband Build Project required the installation of the remote DSL Access Multiplexers enabling High Definition TV for Telus customers.

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